Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7/06 Workout and Other Stuff

Okay, so I've been REALLY bad about posting my workout stats lately...but I have still been working out. It's just been difficult to sit down and write about it with a crawling little one!

Anyway, I've also been doing yoga - I started taking a class once a week and loved it so much that now, I've been doing yoga several days a week at home (found some neat yoga workouts on FitTV - thank you Tivo!) on top of that class! And I'm still doing elliptical on most days. I think the yoga has really helped a lot - I have more defined muscle, and have dropped weight more easily. Of course, cutting out lots of refined foods and eating a WHOLE LOT of fruits and vegetables (can we say "almost vegetarian?!") has really helped, too. I think that I've lost about 5 pounds since my last posting. YAY!

Okay, so here are today's elliptical stats:

590 calories
1.24 miles
104 carbs
40 minutes

I'm not guaranteeing that I'll be able to post stats anytime soon, but just know that I'm still working at it! I still have about 20 more pounds to go!