Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Weight Loss!

Preface - much of this posting is just for my reference later on - so that I know what I did to lose the weight that I've lost :)

This is crazy! Yesterday, I weighed 148.2 and today, 146.4!!! What's crazy about it is that I'm kind of nursing some back pain and an external oblique strain...actually, my friend, Tara, who is a physical therapist, thinks the side pain has to do with the gallbladder surgery I had back in August, and that the back pain could be related to it (but also concedes that the back pain could definitely be from carrying around a 25+ pound weight named Jillian :) Anyway, I haven't been able to workout as hardcore as I'd really like, and have been taking easier lately - up until the last few days, when I tried to get back into a little more (while still being careful). And I guess my body responded really well. I'm still eating healthy - it's really more of a way of life - not something I have to feel like I'm doing as part of a "diet" or something.

Breakfast is usually Cheerios and banana or whole grain toast with all natural peanut butter that has flaxseeds in it or scrambled egg whites and toast. Lunch is either a greek salad - with Dr. Oz's greek salad dressing recipe (very healthy and SO good - I've actually brought it to a restaurant with me before) - or the makings of a greek salad wrapped up in a healthy, tomato basil tortilla (Richard's idea). Usually have water with lunch and maybe some walnuts or a Kashi bar. Dinner is something healthy from Dr. Oz's book. I really love the recipes recipes I've tried and plan on making them regularly - just healthy, fresh meals that don't deviate much from what I'm used to doing - they just give me ideas on how to make my stuff better and more healthy! Anyway, this is not to say that I don't "cheat" or splurge now and then - I often times have vanilla frozen yogurt at night with walnuts and chocolate syrup. Other times, during the day, for a quick and little treat, I'll have a few chocolate chips. Last night, when we went to Purple Cow with Tara, I got (as I usually do) a turkey burger with avocado and swiss, and substituted a salad with bbq vinigarette dressing for the chips that usually come with the meal. Later, Tara and I went to Starbucks and I got a tall (small), non-fat, no whip cafe mocha - very yummy!!!!!!