Friday, March 28, 2008


A brief blog about the best piece of furniture I've had, in an effort to win an amazing LoveSac!!!

BEST PIECE OF FURNITURE: Honestly, it's a toss up between our bed and our sectional. The bed, because it was the first piece of furniture that Richard and I bought. We both love it and I know we will have it for a long, long time. The sectional because who wouldn't love a piece of furniture that results in blissful sleep after sitting/laying on the chaise portion for 5 minutes?!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

New 'Do!

Well, it's been since late May/early June of 2007 that I've gotten a cut and color...(although my friend Debbie was kind enough to trim my hair right around this last holiday season...). I finally couldn't stand it any longer and became okay with spending one lump sum on myself. It also helps that now Jillian is in MDO, so I just scheduled it during that time. Boy, does a cut and color make a WORLD of difference!!! I feel like a brand new, more spirited mommy! LeighAnne, from my moms group, has a salon and was the one that did my hair last year - I love what she did both times! I've already told myself (and Richard) that I will NOT let myself go that long between hair appointments again! I have to remind myself that it's totally worth it!!!

I was all about getting a "stacked" haircut, with it longer in the front than in the back...

And lots of chunky highlights! Admittedly, my hair is a little flat in these pictures...

Anyway, I'm really loving my new 'do! It's great for yoga and I'm sure for running (haven't been running since before the cut). One, little clippy on the side is cute, as is a headband...or no hair accessory at all!

Thanks, LeighAnne!!!

P.S. - Yes, I feel ridiculous doing a whole post on my hair, but I just wanted to share my excitement :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Green

Some of you may already know, but over the last year or so, I've gotten "greener" and "greener" first, it was pretty much because I wanted cleaner food and to be healthier. Now, I hesitate to use grocery bags and drink from water bottles. I do my best to bring my canvas bags for library books, groceries, etc. and I always make sure I use my non-leeching, reusable water bottles when I'm out and about. Once you've read about the ecological impact of water bottles, it's just hard to go back to drinking from one! Check out all the different articles regarding this topic!

Like I said, I try to use my canvas bag when possible, but check this out!

Very, very cool! At first, a couple of years ago, it seemed almost annoying the way companies seemed to capitalize on the whole "green" thing, but at this point, I'm really glad about it - there's nothing wrong with going a little more natural in the interest of health and our carbon footprint!

Here are some really great sites (though I'm sure there are many more):

The Green Guide
Ideal Bite
The Soft Landing