Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sonogram and Shoes

So today, I went to the doctor to have a bilateral sonogram and mammogram on my breasts, due to the fact that I've had persistent pain in them. To make a long story short, I'm going to copy what I had already typed to some other friends:

It went really well. I was really nervous and teary-eyed on the way there...there's just something about leaving your child with someone to go get something like this's different from leaving your child to go shopping, etc.

Anyway, I was really nervous about the mammogram - esp. the exposure to radiation. Fortunately, the first thing the doctor said when he came in to do the sonogram was, "we've decided that in our practice, we don't do mammograms on patients younger than 27" (i'm 26), "b/c of the breast density issues that go along with it, and the fact that the side effects of radiation are much greater in younger women." WHEW! So I didn't have the mammo done!

He did the sono and said that everything looked normal. He was very thorough and explained what everything was on the screen. He said that the pain could be muscular (pectoral muscles) or just normal changes in the breasts. Anyway, it's all good and he said he'll see me back in 2021 when I'm 40. :)

Just FYI - his name is Dr. Thomas Langer - excellent, excellent man. Amazing bedside manner - very easy to talk to/with. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Thanks so much to all of you for all of your prayers. I know God heard them and answered them - the fact that the doctor's first words when he saw me were regarding the fact that I wouldn't have a mammo was indication that God new what was best for me and was protecting me. I didn't have to initiate any concerns or discussions with the doctor or anything. This is not to say that my doctor that recommended a mammogram is in the wrong - I think he was just being super cautious based on the location of the pain and some family history. And, of course, radiology is not his specialty, but radiology IS the specialty of the guy I saw today, so it makes sense that he would have a more formed and educated opinion on the matter.

Anyway, sorry for writing a book (Vickie) - just had to tell y'all how it all went. Afterwards, I went to Northpark Mall across the street and had a sandwich. Since I parked outside of Neimans (for no particular reason), I was walking toward the exit and noticed they were having a shoe "sale" - I thought, "man, this should be good and funny!" So I was a total goober and tried on lots of Sex and the City type shoes that were on "sale" - Chanel shoes that were on sale for $412, Manolo Blahniks for $500, some Gucci flip flops for $103, some Christian Diors for $I don't know how much, and some Stuart Weismans for another amount I don't remember. Anyway, the funny part of all of this was that I happened to have my camera with me. So, to commemorate the fact that I was wearing these amazingly expensive, high-end shoes, I took pictures! In a very stealthy, discreet, no flash sort of way, of course. Needless to say, my toenails were definitely not worthy of these designer shoes. But whatever.

Here's the closest I'll ever get to shoes this expensive (click on images for a better (though still not great) view:

Chanel - $412 (sale price)

Manolo Blahnik - $499 (sale price)

Gucci - $103 (sale price)

Christian Dior - forgot how much, but it's likely around $300 or some other, ridiculous price.

Stuart Weitzman - I think these were $500 on sale, but I could be wrong. They are pretty - I'll give them that...

Thank you again, everyone, for all of your prayers!!!!


Erin said...

Wow, as cute as those are, I still love me some Payless or Target shoes!

Tara said...

OOOH! You should be a FOOT MODEL! Your message about the shoes cracked me up that day. I'm so glad that you posted something on your site...I check it often! :)

Glad to hear that you didn't have to get the mammo...but I'm jealous that you won't be 40 until 2021! I'm not even going to think about 40...

Love ya-

Erin said...


Once you get all unpacked and moved in, check out if you haven't already. That is where all the action is! :-)

-- Erin