Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Green

Some of you may already know, but over the last year or so, I've gotten "greener" and "greener" first, it was pretty much because I wanted cleaner food and to be healthier. Now, I hesitate to use grocery bags and drink from water bottles. I do my best to bring my canvas bags for library books, groceries, etc. and I always make sure I use my non-leeching, reusable water bottles when I'm out and about. Once you've read about the ecological impact of water bottles, it's just hard to go back to drinking from one! Check out all the different articles regarding this topic!

Like I said, I try to use my canvas bag when possible, but check this out!

Very, very cool! At first, a couple of years ago, it seemed almost annoying the way companies seemed to capitalize on the whole "green" thing, but at this point, I'm really glad about it - there's nothing wrong with going a little more natural in the interest of health and our carbon footprint!

Here are some really great sites (though I'm sure there are many more):

The Green Guide
Ideal Bite
The Soft Landing

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Tara said...

Hey, Stranger! Not sure how it happened, but I'm thinking that it's been months since we've talked. Hope all is well and that I'll get to visit with you when we come visit in May (A and I only...for Karen's wedding shower).

Talk soon!