Friday, February 24, 2006

Mommy is finally inspired to take advantage of music collection!

While watching the Olympics last night, I realized how much I miss listening to all kinds of classical music. Actually, it was while watching the girl from Japan (that ended up getting the gold) skate to music from Puccini's "Turandot." I probably annoyed Richard by humming the whole way through it! SO, Jillian and I will be trying to listen to a wider variety of music than before (we have been listening to "Classical Favorites," the classical radio station, and sometimes even stuff like Natalie Merchant...she loves when Mommy sings to her!).

Right now, we're listening to Mozart's "DieZauberflöte" (The Magic Flute) - an opera I love, and have actually seen performed at the Coliseum Opera House in London, as well as having sung portions of it in college and graduate school. This will be fun to revisit my music background - my classical/opera music library is a pretty good sized one, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of it! I just seemed to collect lots of CD's that I learned about and grew to love and appreciate while in school. Many times (in fact, most of the time), after having been assigned a new vocal piece, I would find a good recording (or two) of it, in order to help me learn it. Other times, I would fall in love with a piece in one of my music history classes. Then, there were times when there was a deal on an opera CD set that was just too good to pass up. Actually, I think I got most of my CDs at a great price, as I seemed to frequent places like CD Source and Half Price Books. Places like those have great collections of classical music for amazing prices! My "Magic Flute" box set is like new and I got it for $18.99. Here is the same one on Amazon:

Obviously, it really pays to check out those other retailers! Anyway, Jillian and I will keep you all posted on everything we're listening to!

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Richard said...

Yeah, I was thinking last night that I would like to listen to more classical as well. At the moment, it all pretty much sounds the same to me. I mean, I do notice subtle differences, but I could never tell you the name of one song versus another. I do know that I like Rachmaninoff, so I think I will start there :)