Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rolling over used to be a good thing...

Sheesh. The White House has a problem. Jillian has learned how to roll over from her back to her tummy, but not so much her tummy to her back. This has presented a problem when she sleeps...for one, she rolls onto her tummy, and gets her adorably large thighs stuck in between the crib rails (it takes some work to get them out, but we've been told that this is far better than having bumpers in the crib). Anyway, so her legs get stuck, AND she's on her tummy - so she just yells and screams until we roll her back over...and it happens again! We've tried working with her to help her go from tummy to back, and she'll hang out on her tummy for a long while, just playing, grabbing things, and drooling. But then she gets fatigued and fussy and either ends up just crying or burying her face in the floor...thus, rarely attempting to roll over! What's a mother to do?!
We've ordered a breathable bumper for her crib - it's pretty much mesh that goes around it, to prevent her legs getting caught, and I'm hoping that if she were to start rolling on her tummy, that she could use her legs to push off the mesh and get back on her back. For now, while waiting on the breathable bumper, Jillian is "sleeping" in her Pack n' Play, so that we don't get any more stuck limbs. She seemed to like it at first, but not now. :(
We had probably a good month of her sleeping from 8pm-8am...and now we don't. :( Yeah, it's great, she goes down really easily at 8pm, but around 1am, she seems to start moving around a lot - she'll roll onto her side, and then when she rolls back on her back, it startles her and she wakes up unhappy. Mommy and Daddy haven't been getting much sleep either. :(
Anyway, here's hoping it'll get better soon!!!!

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