Thursday, November 02, 2006

Slow and steady...

I know I haven't posted anything here in a while, but most things going on have to do with Jillian, so I've just been posting stuff on her site.

However, I have exciting news: Tuesday, October 31st, I weighed myself and I was lighter than I ever remember being! I don't recall what I was in highschool, but I think I'm awfully close, if not already there. Anyway, I was 151.3 - yup, there it is, I'm sharing how much I weigh. So I started wondering - when did all this weight come off? I mean, I know that it's been gradual, and some months I've lost more than other months, but we've been watching The Biggest Loser and I'm kicking myself for not keeping better track of when and how much weight I've lost...I often write the date and my weight on our bathroom mirror with an Expo marker to show weekly progress, but it gets erased when I clean. So I checked back in my previous postings to see if I could find any record of previous weight. And I found a posting saying I had finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight of 165 (no, I didn't mention the actual weight in that posting, because it's not all that great, but that's what it was. And I feel more comfortable sharing now that I'm below that.

So that was on May 27th. I've lost 13.7 pounds in a little over 5 months. Doesn't really sound all that impressive, especially when you do the math, but I think it's good that I've lost it slowly and steadily...also a good thing since I'm breastfeeding (now only before Jillian goes to bed). The weight loss may have also slowed down during that period of time because I haven't been breastfeeding as much as in the beginning, so I'm not burning as many calories producing milk, etc. But regardless of how 13.7 doesn't seem like a lot, it's definitely a dress size, and it's a helluva lot better than being my post-pregnancy weight of a little over 200! Yeah, scary - I know. Won't be gaining 55 pounds the next pregnancy!

I feel so much more energized these days - it really feels different actually being slimmer and fitting into clothes. Which brings me to another point: I fit into clothes, but not well. Most of my wardrobe is too big! I know, waaa, waaa - but it's seriously frustrating! I don't know whether to hold on to things "just in case," like for post-pregnancy with a 2nd baby (no, not anytime soon - read: 3-4 years) or if I randomly put on weight...or do I just sell it all? I feel like I NEED to sell it all to buy clothes that fit - it's not cheap to buy a new wardrobe! I have 1 pair of jeans that "fit" me (must belt them to keep them from falling down), and even my "comfy" clothes like track pants are too big! Seriously, that one pair of jeans is IT. The ONLY pair of pants that fit me!!!! It's so frustrating to have a bazillion other pairs of khackis, jeans, and black pants in the closet that are too freakin' big.

Okay, I'm going to stop whining, because I know it's a good thing. However, the work must continue - I need to get down to at least 145, if not 140. Overall, I just need to get rid of the huge amount of nasty tummy around my waist - that's a big health risk. I have a feeling that getting rid of that is going to take a lot more than elliptical and eating well. Some serious work. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it (yes, I know that I should really work on it now, but I'm doing good to get 30 minutes of cardio in everday!).

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