Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nike+ Saucony =

Yesterday, I got my new, Nike+ SportBand in the mail! I had pre-ordered it so that it would be delivered as soon as it officially hit the market, and boy, am I glad! Click on the "next" button after going to the link and it shows how the band works - VERY COOL! AND, in adding the link to this post, I discovered that it even offers training programs!

As for the "Saucony" portion of the title, I got new running shoes delivered earlier this week! It's a little sooner than I planned on getting new shoes, but I've always felt something wasn't right with my previous shoes. Don't get me wrong - I've always loved New Balances, but I made the mistake of not going to Run On! to get a shoe suggestion based on my walk and run. I had gone there a few years back, learned my feet overpronate, and bought the NB shoes to help with that problem. SO, after finally being in enough pain 2 weekends ago (after doing a practice run of the 5k route I intended on running the next day in a race), I went to Run On! and got their opinion. Turns out the shoe was OVER correcting the pronation problem and that I didn't need that much stability. So they helped me find the shoe I ended up getting for much cheaper online (I feel a little guilty about how much they helped me and then turning around and getting that very same shoe somewhere else, but hey, it's their choice to not have a competitive price, right?).

So now, I've got some goals set and am tracking them here. I'm also participating in a couple of challenges: The "Run for your car" race (at the request of Richard...we're both running for Jeep) and a Starters Challenge. The only discouraging part about all of this is that it seems my watch that I was using to track my information was a tad off. I think it's really only off by about a tenth of a mile, but even that small of a number still cuts into the pace that I thought I had established. Just to make sure, I may try to recalibrate the Nike+ Sport Band if, after mapping a certain route it seems at all off. That way, come race time, I'm not thrown for a loop!

Check back for my running progress! I'll be posting my updated running stats on the sidebar - here is what it will look like:

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