Saturday, May 13, 2006

Size 10?

Ohmigosh. I might actually be able to wear size 10's on a more frequent basis. Usually, I loom around the size 12 thing, but there are times in my life when I've been a consistent, comfortable 10, and sometimes an 8. Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a petite girl, so a 10 is good for me. In fact, when I was in a New York bar with some friends my sophomore year of college, a rather large man, of African American descent, was sitting behind us and said to me, "Damn girl! You healthy!" Alright, in my defense, I think I was a consistent size 10 then, too! My good friend, Suzy, told me to take that comment as a compliment from that guy. And anyway, I didn't even really balloon until my senior year after my Senior Recital was over in November and I could drink without worrying what it would do to my singing voice (ignore the fact that I was planning on going to grad school for vocal pedagogy the next fall). In the guy's defense, he was probably drunk.

ANYWAY, I'm a big-boned girl. I'm healthy. I got my Dad's genes. However you want to put it, I've never been petite, but as we all know, I'm working on it. I think that WHEN (not IF) I reach my goal of losing 26 more pounds, I will definitely be in single digits consistently, but for now, post-baby, I'm jumping for joy today! I was excited a couple of weeks ago when I fit into some denim capris at Kohl's that were a size 10. However, I chalked it up to the fact that they have "a little stretch" in them. Nonetheless, I bought them.

So today, I went through some of my clothes from when we got married in 2003, and found these khacki Gap capris. Size 10. I showed them to Richard, reminded him that he always loved them (he agreed, of course), and then proceeded to try them on.

THEY FIT! GAP 10'S FIT! This is not to say that every Gap 10 fits (or that I couldn't be a little bit more comfortable while sitting in these capris), but they are pretty comfy, and I am very optimistic!. I also know it's not just a fluke - I tried on a size 10 skirt there the other day, and it fit too! I chalked that incident up to the fact that the skirt goes around the smaller portion of the waist. But now I'm starting to feel really good!

Now if only we could do something about those stretch marks...

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Tara said...

You are a healthy weight, no matter what! I think you look great totally shows in the pics that you've lost weight and that you feel better.